About Us

Grant Richards

Grant Richards, the President and Director of Perpetual Pictures, has always had a deep fascination of movies.  He started in the industry by writing film and television scripts.  However, as much as he loved to write, it was not enough; he had a strong desire to make movies, and that is why he took the next step by becoming an independent filmmaker.  Grant has made several short films (Grown-ups, Dark Ninja, Dana’s Dreams, Mischief, Riding the Crimson Wave, Insectors, Alone, A Bad Day, and The Rendezvous), a documentary entitled A Woman’s Place in the World, a feature-length romantic comedy called It’ll Happen, and feature-length thriller called Spyware.

Grant is currently working on his next feature film, Death Pact, a thriller that his wife, Deborah Richards, and he wrote together.  The project is in pre-production, and filming should start this July.

In addition to making films, Grant teaches film history and film production at Gavilan College in Gilroy, California.  He teaches a wide variety of film classes, including Film and Fiction, Introduction to the Cinema, American Cinema, Approaches to Modern Cinema, International Cinema, Screenplay Writing, and Film Production.  He is also developing a Film Production major at the college.

 Deborah Richards

For the past two decades Deborah Richards has worked in software development in the Silicon Valley and currently is a technical project manager for AOL. She resides in Morgan Hill with her husband Grant, her two sons, and her step-son.

Although she has acted in several movies and has done voice-over work for commercials, her interests lie primarily in screenplay writing.  Her first short script was Mischief, which is a collection of stories about her sons.  Deborah has written a few other short screenplays with her husband, including Riding the Crimson Wave, Insectors, Alone, A Bad Day, and The Rendezvous.  She has also written two feature scripts with Grant, first Spyware and then Death Pact.  

She recently completed a made-for-television script called Present From the Past.  Deborah is currently working on a feature script called Beyond Peal Harbor about the Japanese internment camps in Manila.